Interface Between Human Resources Mba And Tourism Degree

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Education is no longer limited to specific conventional areas. It has become as vast as the sea with the diversification of its branches. The taboo relating to certain careers, outside the conventional forum, that existed even in the recent past now seems to have taken a backseat. Till recent past career options like those related to airlines and tourism were not much in vogue. Presently, however the scenario has changed. Tourism degree has come to the forefront as another branch of study and career.

Management is not a new concept, though its applications have undergone sophistication and polish. MBA stands for masters of business administration. MBA is available in mainly five branches. They are operations, systems, marketing, finance and human resources. The human resources MBA degree primarily enables them to meet the required demands of the market. This degree enhances the leadership abilities of the candidate. Their training inculcates in them the desired qualities of a manager. Hence it clearly proves that the study of management results not only in a trained manager but also an individual with personality.

The human resources MBA has to deal with many odd situations in the company like employees' job dissatisfaction, daily work stress and internal conflict. Most of these situations turn out to be highly emotive ones, where the parties involved are usually charged up. Any conflict in the company can hamper the operations of the entire company. It can also ruin the total work environment of the concerned company. Worse still is the fact that if the conflict persists then it may go to the extent of spoiling the reputation of the company in the market. Thereby hampering the entire business of the company. It is the responsibility of the human resources professional,who after his completion of human resources MBA degree has joined the company, to come up with diplomatic and sound solutions.

The human resources MBA experts play a very important role in maintaining a healthy and peaceful working environment. Its importance is thus undeniable. This is the precise reason why human resources management is also included in the tourism degree course curriculum. Tourism is a fast growing industry now, and with other industries at their respective saturation points, large groups of students are flocking into this course.

The market demand clearly indicates that a tourism degree, now would prove to be a promising career decision. Students are showing a fetish for this branch of study. The reason for such a strong preference may be due to the fact, that the professionals emerging out of it have attested the personal and professional satisfaction got from such a job.

A tourism degree teaches students how to draw the rough draft, make proper arrangements like transport and accommodation facilities. It teaches how to be an efficient organizer. With this degree under the candidate's belt, that person will turn out to be the most trustworthy person around in terms of planning a good trip within the budget of the party concerned.

The degree, however, does not ensure an easy job. The one taking up this job must possess a very calm disposition while handling the tourists. The globe trotters coming from different social backgrounds will possess varying temperaments and they have to be dealt prudently. This is where the qualities of a human resources MBA merge with those of the tourism qualifications. It teaches you how to diplomatically handle situations, whether be it a company or a group of globe trotters. Though the job in both the cases are rewarding, yet the stress involved is indeed huge. Both the options deal with the handling of humans which make the difficulty level involved indeed herculean. However, it still remains in demand due to the fact that, the more challenging the job the greater is its reward.
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Interface Between Human Resources Mba And Tourism Degree

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This article was published on 2011/01/25